surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Journey to AIMST #7 - the debate session, it's show time! -

The debate session.

It started at 4pm
Motion: This house believes that abortion should not be allowed upon personal request
I am in the closing government bench along with Kok Jun.

The debate was held in the medium-sized lecture hall and it went on smoothly. People clapping, cheering here and there rooting for their favourite speakers. And I personally felt relaxed this time around. The atmosphere was a little laid back; it's not really like the usual stressful feeling I experienced in typical tournaments.

My speech went well and I feel confident with what I was proposing.

Kok Jun and me after the 1st round
 The end of first round. The judges then chose 2 best teams to proceed to the next round aka the final round. That means 2 teams from my venue and another 2 teams from another venue will meet up.

To keep in short, Kok Jun and I managed to get to the final round. And for the venue next door who debated on health policy, Hanisah my junior who're also from USIM, her team won too!

Me and Hanisah, we're always teammates in tournaments. But this time, we'll go debating against one another.

The final round was held immediately after. We drew motion and it was on legalizing euthanasia. Personally if you ask me, euthanasia is kinda a lame motion to be debated on, but yet it's a hard motion too.

And I am the opening government who need to set up the case at the first place! Oh god, legalizing euthanasia.

We had 30 minutes of quarantine and off we went on stage. Final round was held in the great hall.

Me and Kok Jun as opening government
Hanisah and Darshini as opening opposition
The Prime Minister giving her speech!
Despite my lack of substantive (it's legalizing euthanasia for god sake!), I kinda enjoyed the mic and the moment I had on stage. The debate ended at almost 7pm and we staright went for closing ceremony.

Hanisah team got the 1st place.
Me and Kok Jun? We got the 4th :P
Ahh.. Too bad but that's ok. At least we made it to final round.

prize giving ceremony
 And after the closing ceremony, we took a lot of pictures!

these are the people i hang around with for 2 days in AIMST. they're awesome!
All in all, I learnt a lot of things. From trying to fit in to treasuring friendship, from strength to confidence. Thank you Allah for the opportunities.

With that people, that's the end of my Journey to AIMST entries!

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