surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm keeping my pace

This entry is the sequel of continue where I left off

9th April - back to Johor for mid semester break
14th April - Attended Ain and Najmee's wedding in Kelantan
16th April - 2nd half of 6th semester started
21st April - inter-residential college netball tournament
27th-29th April - being facilitator for 1st year's English Getaway
30th April - research proposal dateline
5th May - 3s (salam,senyum,sapa) closing
12th May - MSC (Medical Student Club) Day out in Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya

I really wanted to write an entry for each and every one event. And if I insist, that would be tonnes of pending post! So I'll just give a snip of each.
Najmee and Ain's wedding was the 3rd wedding of our batch; after Zuhairah's and Mael and Anie's. They held a simple and modest reception. Ain offered me to do the makeup for her because she (and Najmee) personally preferred something simple. Note that I never had any professional experience with makeups except that maybe out of 30 girls in our class, I'm the one with most makeup products collection, but I accepted her offer with honor. I think that after the bride and groom, the 2nd most important person would be the one who keep the bride pretty *winks*

Inter-residential college netball tournament in main campus, Nilai. We had regular attackers lineup for the games, but for our defenders we had new ones. Maybe we weren't as strong, but alhamdulillah we won 2nd place out of 7 teams.

English Getaway is our faculty annual students' activity. Specially for the 1st year freshmen. It's pretty much like an English-in-camp except that we had a more sophisticated name for it. We called it 'getaway' as in to get away from the hectic life in campus, being a medico and enjoy the weekend without books. Highlight of it is of course, an All-English policy over the weekend. I had my getaway 2 years ago and this year I came back as a facilitator. We had a lot of fun activities; group cheers, sandcastle competition, reading aloud, treasure hunt, indoor games, students' performance. Since we were doing it near the beach, we had a little beach-y moment, played in the water and stuff. My English Getaway 2 years ago was a blast! No joke! And glad to received thumbs up from the juniors this year.

me and the sunset? me in the sunset? the sunset in me?
  3s closing. We had a lot of activities such as Citrawarna competition (a fancy name for students' performance) separated venues for male and female, explorace etc. 3rd year won 2nd place for citrawarna. The girls did musical and the boys did medley, only practiced for one night and proud of it!

MSC Day out is considered an annual MSC activities, this year's was the 2nd one. It's pretty much like a family day where students mingle around regardless what year they're in and have fun playing games and riadhah. Ustaz Nazri was invited to be our VIP yesterday an as i quote from his speech;
'I'm happy to see all of you here joining activities, because I love to see ukhuwah'
Yes, ukhuwah. I'm not promoting ikhtilat here. Talking about ukhuwah in general, it's beautiful to see people getting to know each other without any bad intention.

Netball tournament, English Getaway, MSC Day out, my skin was constantly exposed to sunlight! I've had this suntan for weeks! Oh please, when can I get my original skin back!

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