surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Monday, May 7, 2012

Journey to AIMST #6 - Sherlock Session result is out! -

Sherlock Session result is out!

In my previous post, I did mentioned about Sherlock Session. It's a medical quiz. 1st round we had answered 40 MCQs. And on Sunday, they promised to announce who made it to the next round. Before I get to that, let's hear what we had on Sunday morning ^^

Sunday morning, we had 2 talks. But my bad, I can't manage to pay full attention to the talks. Why? I was busy writing my arguments! I'll tell y'all how was the debate like in the next entry.

So back to Sherlock Session. After 2 talks during morning session, then they started calling names for the 2nd round breaker. One by one names were called, but I couldn't care less. I have substantive points to elaborate here!

Until they called 'Zawani Zainudin from USIM'

I was like 'was that my name? did i somehow misheard?'

I remained not sure and dumbfounded until my groupmates started cheering on me. They all congratulated and, oh so it started to make sense; that was really my name.

2nd round of Sherlock Session will be held in less than 30 minutes. Great! Now I have 2 big things I should get tachycardic over! Fine. There I left my papers and arguments, I should get ready for Sherlock Session.

For 2nd round, I wonder how they'll conduct it. I'm dead if it's another quiz.

All top 47 scorers were divided into 4 groups and we were brought to small cubicle upstairs (the ones where press and medias would sit in any events to get the best view). I was in group A, and there were 14 delegates in my group. We were briefed that this session, we'll have group discussion instead of real quiz (phew~). But our discussion will be taped on camera and everybody else in the hall will be able to access what we're doing, live.

Never mind. I prefer discussion, more mind opening rather than answering quiz on your own. I kept making du'a so Allah would ease me in everything I do.

Again, the questions were on antibiotics. It covers typical and common diseases we found in the hospital; TB, asthma, malaria, URTI etc.

We had Shaun Ng, final year medical student from AIMST as our facilitator and the discussion was awesome! It pretty much gave me chance to revise things.

Then the time came for case presentation. So I volunteered to answer  few questions. Those were on betalactamase, Diethyl Carbamazine Citrate and filariasis.

Filariasis. Disease of lymphatic system, blocked by nematodes (roundworm) namely Wuchereria Bancrofti and Brugia Malayi. For a moment, I thank god that Prof Adel my Parasitology lecturer kept talking bout this in class.

At least, I really can share with everyone what I've learned!

while presenting from up there ^^ *pic from mujahid*
the hall i see from above
they're watching our discussion live!
from cubicle A. standing 2nd from right is our facilitator, Shaun Ng

 After the discussion and presentation, we were given 8 questions to answer. They said the highest scorer from each cubicle will proceed to the final round; cubicle A, B, C, D.

Well, I did my best to answer. I didn't put my hope too high. Getting to 2nd round is already out of my expectation, so I don't mind even if I didn't go to the final round.

The 2nd round ended right after we finished answering the questions and off we went down back to the hall. Not long after that, they announced the highest scorer from each cubicle. There are 4 of them and as expected, I didn't make it for final round. Well that's ok. At least I can concentrate back on my debate.

After final round of Sherlock, we had lunch and zuhur break. That Sunday afternoon we got another 2 talks that I literally missed too. I had to be on standby for my debate at 4pm.

Up next is my the debate session! Please anticipate.

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