surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Journey to AIMST #5 - the debate discussion -

Hi everyone! How long has it been already since my last update? I can't remember how many weeks ago was it myself. Truth is I have a lot to share here. But I guess I can't really reach them all as long as I haven't settled my 'Journey to AIMST' entries. Let's continue where I left off then.

The debate discussion.
Saturday evening, of course we had fun in the clinical skill labs! That night we were ought to have debate discussion. The debate will be held next evening (on Sunday). All delegates were divided into 2 big groups, and each group was divided into government and opposition. Each government and opposition then was divided into 2 group respectively; into opening and closing team. Yes, if you got what I meant we're gonna have British Parliamentary style debate.

To keep long story short, the motion was decided. My venue, we'll debate on 'This house believes that abortion should not be allowed upon personal request'. The other venue, they'll debate on something about health policy.

The thing is, we need to decide who should be the speakers. My team, we were the closing government. There were almost 30 of us, and we barely know each other. Believe me, to choose 2 speakers out of 30 so-called strangers is not easy.

What about me? I was in between the 2 feelings; whether to volunteer or not. Debate has always been my thing (let's put aside whether I'm really a good debater). I don't feel like debating there because I kept on telling myself there should be others who're better than me. But the other side of me kept telling myself I should grab the chance! Like in the place where my community is the minority, why don't take this opportunity to let others know USIM.

While I was in dilemma, my friend, Mujahid encouraged me that I should just volunteer. Having my friends to go rooting for me, then I know I should do this! So I volunteered!

So  told myself 'how bad could it be? let's just have fun'

That night, the discussion went well. Everyone contributed, sharing ideas.

my closing government team
And that was how my night ended. Up next is Sherlock session result! Please anticipate :)

Ps: betul kata Sayid Aiman, susah jugak features baru blogger ni. Tak biasa -_-

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