surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Monday, December 12, 2011

Baked to the core like a cookie!

I don’t lie when I say I puffed and wiped dust on my laptop this morning before updating the blog. At least my blog isn’t that dusty for I could always post entry from my iPod. But the laptop, yes I haven’t touched it for the whole week! Being busy I would say, but truthfully it’s because in front of laptop=watching Jdramas. Keep reading and I shall reveal you some reasons why I need to slow down watching Jdramas later.

But no joke that I’ve been running out of pace a bit for these past few weeks. I mean no doubt everyone is but yeah, maybe that just tells I’m so bad in time management.

Since I haven’t been able to keep you guys up with updates for quite sometime, I might just post one long entry today.

A lot have been going on around FPSK, the faculty, my class itself, and everything else around me outside campus; for instance our FPSK very first batch graduation last week. It’s a week late but I still wanted to congratulate my 29 super seniors. After 6 years of med school, hurrah! You guys are HOs now! ^^
I was there in PICC during the convocation, as one of the volunteers at FPSK booth. You don’t know how we (my friends and I) sprinted from the end of one hall to another that’s approximatelty 200 meters just to see our seniors go on stage. That moment, it’s hard to describe. Maybe inspired, moved, proud, like a lil baby sister watching her big brother becoming a star. Again, congratulation!

 pic taken from Zati’s blog. Credits to family of Pandan Indah FB

Next is SUFA (Sukan Fakulti). It just started last Saturday the December 10th, opening ceremony will be on the next Friday the December 16th and closing is on the December 24th. I played for the netball team. First thing first, it was so great ‘reuniting’ with all the players of the last USIM Inter-Faculty Netball league (can click here for the entry), practicing and get dehydrated and tanned together once again ^^

It would be too long to post every single detail here, so I’ll just summarize it for you. Along Saturday and Sunday we had 5 games including the semi-final and final (yep we went to the final!). There were easy games, the average ones, and hard ones I would say. We met FST twice; during 3rd game within group and the final. FST as always is the toughest team with abundant of MASUM players in it, so as a result my team FMeD (that’s Faculty of Medicine + Dentistry for you) came in 2nd place. But that’s okay, we were always more than happy when we managed to reach the final :D

[as always I’m WA (Wing Attack)]

[right after final]
[1st place FST (in pink), 2nd place us (in green), third is FEM (in purple)] 
try find me if you can!

Note that I avoided so much revealing my face in pics because I’ve turned real tan!
Now that I’m way baked to the core like a cookie, I only have 2 weeks to recover from this suntan!

‘Handsome men can’t be hurt by water’
-Tamaki-senpai, Ouran High school Host Club, episode 1-

‘Beautiful girls can’t be hurt by sunlight’
-Zawani Zainudin-

Anyway, what’s with another 2 weeks? Well a lot of things are coming up, especially on the December 24th.

Zuhairah’s wedding (the first in our batch!)*

And most important is

I’m turning 21! ^^

Btw initially I was supposed to go to Singapore this December 13-17 for SDO (Singapore Debate Open), but I decided not to go because I can’t afford to miss the whole week of classes when I’m just about 1 month away from our end of 5th semester exam. All the best to everyone who’s going! Especially Ainil and Fawwaz.

So this is among the reasons why I need to slow down watching Jdramas. I personally think I’ve been practicing Japanese too much that some portion of my English vocabularies has gone missing. And I decided to keep this Japanese madness on hiatus before it jeopardize my English further.

And to sum up, the reasons why I need to slow down watching Jramas are

1.      My English has turned rusty, it’s been a while since I debated
2.      I’m about 1 month away from final semester exam
3.      Simply because I’ve been busy

Ps: *seems like Aiman is the happiest among 30 of us to have ‘abang long’ :P

Pss: How did I know I missed my high heels is when I feel longing for the sensation of my quadriceps prominently contracting while walking.

-Sports, debate, events, relationship, volunteers- I’m quite an all-rounder for a medical student, except for studying.

Does that still make me a med student?

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