surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, December 23, 2011

Lip balm, Lip gloss, Lipstick and Red Velvet

I decided to get myself first facial cleanser when I was 13; went to a boarding school and everyone pretty much owns one. Being naive I thought 'oh this is the first step to graduate childhood'.

I first learn about cosmetics when I was 14. Then was when I first got my compact powder and lip balm from mum's AVON catalog.

My first lip balm was of cherry flavor from by AVON. With an on and off discipline, the whole stick lasted for 3 years.

I started putting on balm regularly when I was 17. My second lip balm was Vaseline petroleum jelly natural balm by Unilever. Then I upgraded my collection when Sis Addie gave me her pinky glitter lip gloss by Bloopers.

When I was 18, my sis took her Bloopers back and I gotten myself the third lip balm; lip ice of lemon flavor by Mentholatum. Then I bartered my Vaseline with my sis' vitamin E balm by Body Shop.

Not long after, I added my collection with water shine lip gloss of peach flavor by Elianto. That was my favorite for a while before I left it in one of the restroom at Mid Valley Megamall when I was 19.

The same year when my lemon lip ice was finished, I bought glitters lip gloss of orange flavor by Maybelline.

At the age of 20, currently am using the one from Body Shop and Maybelline.

But when I said I lost the Body Shop balm on my bed, I think you can imagine how my bed looked like.

After considering to get myself a brand new balm, just recently i found the I-thought-was-lost-balm in my cupboard. having said this, I think you can imagine how my cupboard looked like.

Some people just don't get it why women need balm or gloss separately with their lipsticks. Well simply, balm is mainly to protect the lips. Lip gloss lives up to the name, it glosses the lips. And lipstick, usually is matched with makeup themes. I do have some lipsticks, but note that I won't be wearing them to classes as I tried my best to stay sweet and simple in campus.  it makes me look old relative to my friends.

Talking about old, in less than half an hour I'll turn 21! And guess what, today I decided to have the.....


The Red Velvet cupcakes

Since all the girls are gonna be busy with 'the wedding' tomorrow (bunyi macam sume orang nak kawen :P), so I decided to throw a lil party a day prior. Just my very own way to wish everyone's birthday whom I missed through out the years ^^

Ps: Aiman, thanks for the post :D
Pss: sangat tak sabar nak attend Zuhairah's wedding! :D
Psss: mungkin takde kaitan pun gloss dengan cupcakes ni

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nagaliar said...

hppy birthday...erm sweet 21...

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