surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Was it a dream?

When was the last time you woke up in the morning with dizzy head, feel like throwing up and you can’t remember what happened the night before? Or the question is, have you ever?

I think I experienced that this morning. I opened up my eyes in a dark room still, dark skies still, and little that I was aware about what happened last night. With throbbing headache and nausea (okay this part was made up), it felt pretty much like a hangover. It took me quite a while to figure things out. And bit by bit, some vague images flooded my mind. Was it a dream? But surely dream can’t be, can’t feel as real as this.

I was in the car. Was I alone? Nope, we were in the car. Someone was driving. Who else were with me? I hardly remember. The GPS was on as such we weren’t very sure where we were going. I remember someone said ’just imagine if this GPS sounds like Jannah, you’ll surely feel like throwing this out the window’. Jannah? Nope she wasn’t there. But then only I learnt I was actually hanging out with my classmates. We laughed a lot; people in the car were telling stories to kill the boredom. Or rather that was mainly to console hearts because we thought we won’t make it to the destination on time. Where were we heading actually? But yes, we were really in a rush.

The night was still young, and so were we; continued chilling at the backseat before we managed to reach the place. Oh, now I remember. We were going to some place; a place to eat. We had got it planned before and now we are there. It was a quarter before 10 and we barely made it. What kind of place was it? It got appetizer, main course, dessert and everything else. It was a buffet course. We went to the receptionist, showed our student cards for a discount and off to the table.

So that was what happened. I went for a late dinner last night. But why am I feeling like my stomach is about to blown off? There must be something more than that.

 As I was sitting, more and more plates were placed on the table. How many plates were there? More than 10 and I don’t lie. I wonder why there was too much food on the table; and that was actually because there were a total 6 of us. Salad, mushroom, fruits, seafood, ice cream, drinks, meat, meat, meat, meat,meat and meat, and more plates of meat. Wait, no rice? These are all protein and no carbs? Okay, now I know why we went here. We were here for barbeque. And thus we started grilling. Chicken, beef, lamb, prawn, crab, squid alternately.

One word; ‘YUMMY!’

Wait! Now I think I can remember something. I put some of the meat in my ice cream serving dish, in between the grilling plate, inside the soup bowl. Tissue paper, we needed a lot of tissue paper. Instead of wrapping all the meats with salad like in those Korean dramas, we wrapped them inside a tissue paper?

Okay, now I know why it turned out that bad. I learnt later that we took too much of those servings. Since we weren’t allow for take aways taken portions as well as we might be charged with those foods we’re unable to finish (by every gram!), so we decided to cheat and started scattering those meats anywhere hidden we could think of. Despite having a CCTV implanted right top corner next to us, we were implying all surviving skills buried within ourselves.

So this wasn’t a dream.

My watch read half an hour before midnight and plus, we were the last customer to leave the outlet, while the workers were cleaning dishes in the kitchen, started sweeping the floor and rearranging the utensils back on the table. I have to say; perhaps we were so close to being chased out of a restaurant that night.

And each and every one of us walked out of that place gotten high by proteins with respective resolution and morale of the story.

I’m pretty positive I’ll be allergy on meats for months

And most important of all that we have in common;

…..for this record.

Ps: Intan, Fatin, Radhiah, Azreen, Hawa
Pss: real pics can’t be disclosed to prevent personal rights violation


aiman_masri said...

Rare ke well done ? Teringat lecture prof adel.

Zawani Zainudin said...

most of it well done, cuz we grilled them ourselves :D

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