surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, April 29, 2011

The chain routine

Been waiting to write this since a week ago; now that today’s came, let’s see what’s left to be posted about.

The very 1st pro exam was over since 2 weeks ago and for the results, Alhamdulillah all went okay for me. Congrats to all colleagues for your excellent results, and for the unfortunate ones, He definitely has better plan for you.

Along this week was our university and course-compulsory subjects; 5 overall within 5 days.

The best thing having these subjects after our core papers was it doesn’t bug the study week, but what’s worrying is when heart has gone wandering for vacation; nights became loosen up without coffee, filled with k-dramas, playing games. Anyways all done and I believe people’d done their best.

Now that exam’s over, only one word; HOLIDAY!

It’s great this time around having non-jokingly long semester break; 4 months. Just when I thought our end-year-one break last time was the longest (2 months), so record broken and this is going to be the longest break for the history of our inshaAllah 6 years study. Guess it’s going to be 17 again part 2.

Commercial break

One fine day…

Uncle: Oh the weather today is so hot ah…bla..bla…need to drink more water…bla…bla
Me: yeah it is…bla…bla…skin dry…bla…complexion…bla…bla…bla
Uncle: eh you’re still studying ah? Where? Bla…bla…holidays…bla…how long?
Me: bla…bla…bla…6 years…bla
Uncle: wah! 6 years ah? God bless you~

God bless you
Got this quite a lot these days, may Allah bless.

Move on. Here’s a riddle, what’s a transition interval between after exam and holidays? It’s called packing time (I call it the chain routine; exam-packing-holidays axis) and for the nth time (n>100) I think I’ve got packaphobia.

Anyways I’ve got a shortlist waiting for my own delicate anticipation;

1. Overcoming the packaphobia
2. After exam shopping with Sis Addie tomorrow!
3. The post-exam trip

This post-exam trip, we validate it as some girly time spent together before each long holiday and it’s going to be our annual event! Last time we went here, and this time we had plan it carefully to go to…… oh well, I might just post one whole entry about this later, please anticipate (winks)

Thinking in advance, what to do at home? One prior thing I reserved my mindset for is to lose some weight. I gained weight? Might not seem one but seriously I’m much ‘stuffy’ than I was 2 years ago. So having a strict diet along with some exercise is definitely what my mum would recommend; the price you have to pay if you’re mum was once major in PE.

Ps: For this coming post exam trip, the theme is still water park which answers the reason why (in case you’re wondering) the sudden trial of my housemates getting contact lens.

Pss: in my 20 years living, it was the first time having a non-‘examic’ announcement made in the exam hall. Dude~ anyways still, it was a good thing.

Let's go shopping! :D

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