surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is going to be so sudden, believe me I know.
But I'm just too excited to tell!

My housemates are wearing contact lens for the first time!

Okay here's the tip;

1. Don't get too distracted by the corneal reflex so much
2. Just hang in there.
3. Look straight, it's going to be fast
4. Tap your fingertip onto your iris and there, the time to blink will come again.
5. Seriously, just don't blink beforehand :D

Yay! You girls made it!

Next, it's going to be a little awkward spec-less for this next 4 hours but it'll go away soon. Seeing just as clear, plus dimension not bounded by the frame; you'll love the lens in no time! Hehe

Ps: I just meant to give some moral support for these first-timers. But honestly having someone so close to your face when you're right in front of the mirror is freaky!

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