surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate Part 2

On midnight of Cristmas Eve, my 19th birthday ended. Gosh! I’m 19 already. This whole week is kinda hectic (as always). I didn’t even plan to celebrate. Got to bed damned early before 12 and the next morning my bedazzled phone was flooded with text messages and missed calls. Every year for my birthday, I never expect to have such a huge cool party, being surprised by friends, because back in school December 24th is always during the school holidays. Only during Tamhidi I get to celebrate it with my friends. I wasted my time and emotion on my 19th birthday only worrying how troublesome to turn another year older and how would the day end. I have to say I’m always expecting for one nice surprise every year. Like back then as far as my old memory could go (LOL dah 19 la katakan), in 2007 was when I got a laptop as a gift from mum, in 2008 was when I got the complete series of twilight saga novels; twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn. This year instead, I think I had a wonderful gift; the best birthday gift ever. I get to learn about life. This is how the story went;

My classes ended by 1pm since the evening class was cancelled. By the time I got down to wait for the cab suddenly my second sis called and asked me out for lunch as to celebrate my birthday. She fetched me and we went to a steakhouse for lunch. After lunch we went shopping, walking around and buying things. I haven’t hang out with her for quite some time and I almost forgot how she is unconditionally care for me. We really enjoyed ourselves and I even asked her opinion for perfumes, shoes and beauty products. By 6pm before we headed back to Glenview Villa there was this one chocolate booth my sis pulled my hands to go to. I AM A CHOCOLATE MANIAQUE! In spite of all the indulging and tempting chocs, there were 4 types of chocolate wrapped with crystal-clear wrappings on the top of the counter that caught my sight so much; white choc, dark choc, milk choc, choc tiramisu. All of it was round and shiny and beautiful except this tiramisu which looked pretty much like “biji getah” and its texture wasn’t really smooth. Instead it was a bit crumpled and didn’t look nice at all. It was like something I can find in my granny’s drawer.

Sis addie: have you ever tasted this tiramisu?
Me: not really
Sis addie: come, let me buy it and lets taste it together. This is how my friend taught me about life

My sis is not someone full of philosophy; she’s just some carefree girl who enjoys her life to the fullest. After buying we headed back to the car and on the way back we popped one tiramisu into our mouth. “Don’t chew it, don’t spit it out, just let it melts in your mouth”. (Because I’m the type who chews any choc and sweets LOL)That was what she said. I don’t know whether it was just me, unless my eyes were cheated by some spell, I swear that was the first time I saw a truthful spark in her eyes and a sincere smile carved on her lips. After a moment, we both finished our choc. I kept my eyes locked in her face with a pair of puppy eyes waiting for her to say something, the sincere smile was still on her face when she said “Now that’s what I call life. At first it is bitter, but no matter how bitter it is don’t just throw it away, please do stay to it till the end because the sweetness comes later. Don’t chew no matter how you want the bitterness to over and please just wait patiently for it to settle down then only you feel the worth of patient”. By the time she said this to me tears were already in my eyes and I hugged her tightly. I never thought the lesson of life could be as simple as this but it is so deep and enough to make my mind sink for the rest of the day.

p/s: I thought this thing only happen in movies! Hehe. Next time try look for this tiramisu and taste it with someone you love. You might just taught him/her how valuable life is. Don’t just taste it with your tongue, but do taste it with your mouth and evaluate in your mind, let it take you away from reality a bit and above all, be conscious again (I might have just exaggerated LOL). Anyway happy trying!


mashmellowcweet said...

zwen..diz is so wOndefull..
i will eat choc wiff my fren n family later...
so..magical :)

miss zwen said...

glad 2 share the sweetness with beloved one eyh? huhu

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