surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1st ROYAL ExPeRiEnCe

from left: kak mar, me, kak tiqa, hadi, anas. (not in picture amin razali, luqman)

It was December 3rd till December 6th that I got an extreme excessive adrenaline rush. “Debat Piala Diraja” so it’s called ‘Royal 2009’. Debating for 4 years back in school didn’t even help me to face all these rivals. Different from Arabic and Malay category debate, we got multiracial debaters for the English category.

And all of them were really damned good and I don’t lie.

My senior had me informed about how reckless the motion could be and just be prepared for any possible outcome (as if I could). The system is simple; none of the participants got any idea about the theme for each round until the very last 30 minutes before our debate. As to decide which motion to be debated, each team will rank all 3 to which they wanted to debate most. The 3rd motion ranked by both teams will automatically eliminated and see what’s left to be debated about. If both teams have the same 1st motion ranked then automatically they’ll debate on that motion. This last 30 minutes also be called the last precious minute, where we have to set our stands, outline our mechanism, digging points. There’s no such things as preparing text like what they have back in school because we’ll all just shoot out words spontaneously based on the points discussed in that 30 ‘fatal’ minutes.

Preliminary has 5 rounds
1st round – animals
= THBT sacrifice of animals for religion is justified
= THW ban all form of sports which involve animals
= THBT animals have no right

2nd round – religion
= THW ban the hijab
= THBT Swiss government should tear down the minarets
= THBT all church properties should be owned by the people

3rd round – outdated concept
= THW no longer believe in the absolute freedom of speech
= THBT the concept of political correctness is no longer relevant
= THBT freedom of movement is a privilege not a right

4th round – gender in sports
= THBT Caster Semenyah should be stripped off her gold medal
= THBT all sports should have a separate category for the 3rd sex
= THW compel all competitive swimmers to swim naked

5th round – exile and return
= THBT Chin Peng should be allowed to return unconditionally to Malaysia
= THBT true democracy in Thailand would allow Thaksin to return and contest
= THBT the concept of exile has no place in a constitutional democracy

And as expected, we didn’t make it to the quarter final because we only made it to win 2 out of 5 matches under the motion THBT all church properties should be owned by the people and THBT all sports should have separate category for the 3rd sex.

FYI one of Malay team and one of Arabic team made it to final, and they even won!
(I’m laughing out loud now)
Sincerely speaking for the English category, winning is a long way to go.

P/s: the best part was I get to meet loads of cute guys (winks)

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