surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Saturday, December 12, 2009

It'S PaInFuL tO Be BeAuTifUL?

Yesterday was a holiday for the state of Selangor due to the birthday of dear Sultan Selangor. Scanning my 2nd sem timetable let me realize that we have a lot of holidays fall on friday. Anyway as to 'celebrate' our nice friday off, I was gone for a hang out with Didi and Naniim. The outing was great and fun for it's Year-End-Sale now and just at a perfect timing that we got our scholarship money (winks). We passed by numerous number of shoes boutique but none of us buy any. Instead we enjoyed going in and out of the fitting room and ended up with buying some new trendy outfits. This really reminds me of our last hang out when the three of us plus Leyl another friend of mine went for a shopping and I ended up buying a 2 and half inches heels. Aware that i might look elegant in it (chewah) I immediately 'hopped' into them and 'skipping' and 'bouncing' around happily. The thing was after 1 hour and a half walking, the joints of my feet started aching. That was it and I immediately switch to my sole-foot wedge.

Now that was my story. Is it really painful to be beautiful? As far as my observation and analysis goes, YUP it is how the world look upon to beauty these days. Slimy-long legs, thin-curvy waist, tender-flawless-pale skin, smoochy-sexy lips, stick-out-pinky cheek bone, long-curly eyelashes, round-shiny-sparkling eyes, long-straight silky hair, some even say blondie.

The thing is people would set aside their rationality simply to be beautiful (even though it's not that simple). Then they started to do plastic surgery, silicon implant in breast, nose, cheek. Operation to extend leg length by joining femur to metal, eye operation to make small eyes bigger. Not only these cost thousands dollar, also these could cost them their lives!

So the line is no longer....
beauty lies on the eyes of the beholders
instead it goes....
beauty lies on the hypodermic needle

p/s: so i'll just wear the heels on special circumstances (winks)

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