surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Everything's gonna be alright

It was past the bakery that always smelled so good
Around the corner at an exciting accessories shop
And down, down, down, a dangerous-looking alley
A place hidden away, probably once a bar
They call it their atelier

Have you ever met someone who was ‘scary’?
Right from the start you thought ‘this person scares me’

‘if this person’s around, he’ll wreck my life’
Right when I met him, I had that feeling
One of those people you never know what they’ll do

-Hayasaka Yukari, Paradise Kiss-

When a friend of mine recommended this movie a month ago, I went Google for it right away! Because it lines up my favorite stars, no joke!

Mukai Osamu, Kitagawa Keiko, Igarashi Shunji, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kaku Kento

Only since it's too new, so it hasn't been subbed by anyone. But this long awaited subbed version is at last available!

*damned excited*

I can't stop smiling ever since the beginning of the story; imagining how sweet the plot would be with awesome actors in it.

Paradise Kiss, directed by Shinjo Takehiko is an adaptation from a manga by Yazawa Ai. It's about a girl named Hayasaka Yukari who lives up to fulfill her mum's expectation; went to prestigious private high school, cram school after school hour, home tutor during the holiday etc to pass an entrance exam for a first-rank university.

One day on her way to cram school, she was scouted by Arashi. Asked whether she would like to be a model for their ‘Paradise Kiss’ clothing label. Tired of her routine, Yukari left home and agreed upon the offer. That leads her to Yazawa Fashion Academy meeting George and his team; Isabella, Miwako and Arashi.

Kitagawa Keiko as Hayasaka Yukari

Mukai Osamu as George Koizumi
A genius designer of Yazawa Academy who started designing since he was 5. He is eccentric and has cold demeanor. He has the you-don’t-know-what-he-would-do-next aura.

Igarashi Shunji as Isabella
Apparently believes he should have been born as a girl. More like a mother figure to the members of ParaKiss. He is the epitome of high class and femininity. Isabella was inspired by George's very first dress during childhood and decided to work with him.

Kaku Kento as Nagase Arashi
Has a taste for punk style, piercings, and alternative music. He is Miwako's boyfriend; they have both known each other (along with Hiro) from childhood.

Omasa Aya as Sakurada Miwako
Childhood friend of Arashi and Hiro. Perky and lively.

Yamamoto Yusuke as Tokumori Hiroyuki
Yukari's classmate and apparently Yukari likes him. But that turned out to be an unrequited love since he still has Miwako in mind. So they stayed best friends. Hiro is a childhood friend of Miwako and Arashi. He likes Miwako but has to give her up when he moved out. Later hiro finds out Yukari is hanging out with George, he was surprised to see Miwako and Arashi were a part of the team. Knowing they’re both dating, he decided to forget her and confess to Yukari.

Gorgeous setting. The plot is as expectedly sweet! Mukai Osamu played the character of George so perfectly; he's tall, with innocent charming smile, he walked as if a prince coming out of a comic book!

To see Igarashi acting like a woman is something I could never imagine. It's a waste of his good look! But he's still awesome acting as Isabella.

I personally think both Hiro and George are sweet to Yukari, but you gonna have to watch it to know who ends up with who (surprise invalid to those who've read the manga)

Yeah, you've to watch this! (not recommended to those who does not prefer romance)
It's about determination+passion+dream+fashion+inspiration+love

The opening theme is 'Hello -paradise kiss-' by Yui
The closing theme is 'You' by Yui
(that adds up why I wanted to watch this, that adds up why I cannot not love Yui :D)

Inserted songs
'I know you're not alone' by Sweetbox
'Everything's gonna be alright' by Sweetbox

Ps: everything's gonna be alright is my Sweetbox's favorite track when I was in kindergarten!

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Jαnnαhツ said...

hi zawani. dulu awak pernah masuk ichemtech kejap kan? huhu. ni kak jannah. tahun akhir ichemtech USIM.

akak pun suke citer jepun. suka si aya omasa tu masa dia berlakon cite yamato nadeishiko shiji henge. cite paradise kiss ni pun mesti best kan? nak kena tengok ni, tp pas final exam la. hahha!

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