surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trip to Melaka part 4

Now that was something*

*Let me warn you, this might ain’t that interesting

Checked in at Umbai homestay somewhere past 8pm, it was a super nice house with 5 bedrooms, super wide living room, kitchen, refrigerator, tv bla..bla..for RM150/night.

the homestay

living room

After some ‘lepak-ing’, off we went to eat ikan bakar!

Now that is something verse 1

Dear Didi
If you’re reading this post, yes it’s gonna be about you (winks~)

You see, the thing is Didi doesn’t like cats, she never does. I don’t know whether the word is terrified or scared or disgusted or phobia etc. And often it makes me wonder why she has to end up having unfortunate events with this feline species.

Remember the time we had our kursus sembelihan months ago? When the stray cat comfortably landed on your backpack and we captured photos just to make fun of you? (Damned why did I delete the pic?); if I still got that pic back then and compile along the pic Tasniim took that night during our ikan bakar session, those definitely could be evidence Didi always has bad fortunes with cats.

Though the incident that night made way for your tears
Ouh Didi darling, I still love you the way you are (hehe. Mushy tak? ^^)

Now that was something verse 2

What I hated when hanging out with my sis is she always has the attention (of the opposite gender obviously), I wish I could be in her shoes once in a while (but actually I am when she isn’t around).

It has been quite sometime since I gotten the phone numbers talks and all, but an incident that night just made me.

Sitting at the far-end of the long table and being approached. I smiled and thought ‘oh, the waiter’…..’or maybe not’ as he handed me a paper and said

‘Kalau sudi call la’


Ps: see, I warned ya~
Pss: ouh, but I left the paper on that table since we moved to another because of Didi’s incident. Didi’s incident? Lol :D

Up next, Hello Bandar Hilir! Please anticipate ^^

Psss: I don’t know what took me so long to update as well

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