surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip to Melaka part 2

Attention to all FPSK?!

When was your earliest memory of worrying your mum by gone M.I.A (read:missing in action) in a shopping mall or such and your name, your age, what you wear, your height etc was announced in public?

Just when you thought being 20 years old made you end up missing giving mum that ‘fun’ of worrying, it isn’t that case with us.

That ‘baking’, ‘melting’ hot Monday afternoon and we reached Afamosa Waterpark. ‘Water-ing’ under the sun, glad I put on sunscreen earlier.

Fatin is always the domestic type, acting as our so-called ‘ketua rombongan’ she already reminded us to just play nearby while waiting for Tikah to come all the way from Pantai Klebang to Afamosa (Tikah, thanks for the yummy coconut shake! ^^)

Klebang Original coconut shake!

20 minutes passed and we (half of the girls including me) realized we had lazily walked, pseudoswam and splashed ourselves in the water further away from the rendezvous point.

‘eh, don’t you think we’ve played too far?’
‘alah, takpe. They’ll find a way to find us la later’

And yeah, they really found a fantastic way to find us ‘missing’ girls

‘Perhatian kepada Zawani, Noor Aiman, Nur Zahidah dari FPSK, sila hadirkan diri anda di…..bla…bla… rakan anda sedang menunggu’

Shoot! They used the theme park’s PA system?!

And I can see clearly why they used FPSK instead of USIM. Pffftt~

And there went the announcement in the air few times while we were running like hell; awkward hearing your names called though most likely no one around knows you right? Nice idea girls~ but our stories with that PA system didn’t end there.

After 2 hours of climbing up stairs, sliding high speed slides etc, suddenly Intan realized her purse is missing. So we ‘snorkel’ ourselves along the lazy river once again while another half went searching other places. Suddenly;

‘Perhatian kepada adik Intan Athirah, beralamat….bla…bla….sila claim dompet anda di…bla…bla…’

Thank god there still exist honest people in this world returning the purse, or else I bet Intan won’t be able to enjoy our trip till its end.

So we looked at each other and burst into laughter. What? Don’t blame us for we’re born being taught to utilize facilities to the fullest.

Up next, got stranded inside the waterpark due to the storm, please anticipate ^^

climbed those

high speed slides

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^Laila^ said...

hahaha.. cam kelakar la pulak part PA system tu~ :p

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