surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Monday, May 3, 2010

Was it a habit?

Something that you often do and almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing – that is habit.

Biting finger nails
Turning on volume to the max
Leaving the dishes in the kitchen-sink without washing
Laying dirty clothes everywhere in the room but laundry basket

These are all habits, obviously the negative ones. For instances driving over speed limit could be one nice positive habit, agree? Since the more often you over speed, the higher chance you’ll get traffic penalty, the more amount of hard cash you need to pay, the more money goes to the government. Generous ain’t it? But of course all these are cancelled with the public drivers’ insecurity, accident risk and all. So whatever it is, back to squared one all over again.

Talking about habits on road, have ever thought about your habit in the car? (Well practically it’s still considered on the road) Like, usha-ing any aweks cun or mamat handsome kereta sebelah mase stop kat traffic light, or slow down your car checking out any accident at the opposite lane (still wonder why traffic is congested for this).

I knew this one individual who has only 2 interests when she’s driving

1. The plate number
2. The car models

‘JMA XXX, kereta ni mesti baru tahun ni or tahun lepas. Skang ni plat JMB XXX, I’ve seen JMC XXX once’
‘Cantiknya plat die, BHD 5990. Ni mesti orang JPJ sebab dapat nombor plat cantik2’
‘kereta VIVA depan ni 2nd edition, sebab design belakang dia lain sket’
‘3rd edition VIVA xde byk beza pun, Cuma die tambah sensory detector kat blakang, ala yg berbunyi klw kte reverse tu’
‘Ni la Honda Accord baru’

Well, that was my mum by the way. (Extended report)

‘Honda Stream ni besar die lebih kurang sama je macam Honda CRV, Cuma CRV tu tayar die lagi besar and tinggi sket. Satu tayar RM200 lebih, so kalau nak tukar 4 tayar dah RM1000’
‘Eh Toyota Unser, lama dah x nmpak. Unser ada 2 model; 1.8 cc dgn 1.5 cc. Skang ni Toyota dah x kuarkan Unser, dia ganti Toyota Avanza pulak. Tapi Avanza ni byk mkn minyak. Yela, body besar tp cc kecik; 1.3 cc dgn satu lg 1.5 cc’
‘Kalau macam Honda City yang Pak Long pakai tu jimat minyak sket’

And the gossip goes on…

‘Guru besar mak tu dah tukar Naza Ria’
‘GPK 1 pakai Naza Rondo’
‘Kat sekolah mak tu, Avanza je ada 7. Cikgu2 muda ni ramai pakai MPV’
‘Toyota Vios ada 3’
‘Perodua Alza ada 2’
‘Citra ada 2’
‘Matrix ada 1’
‘Toyota Wish ada 1’
‘Proton Waja pun ada lagi orang pakai’

Honestly I’ve forgotten how much my mum knows about cars.
Was it a habit?
Habit indeed (winks)


diJat said...

i think u got from ur a lot wit nonstop..

miss zwen said...

huhu. soo like mother like daughter kan =)

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