surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twinkle Little Stars

As an ordinary person, I’ve always find stars so fascinating. There were times when I enjoyed sitting at the verandah with tilted head looking upon the sky where those stars resting on.

Here’s when one wonder came out. Have you ever heard about counting stars as a hobby? I was used to hear this. A scene of a mushy couple texting or talking on the phone where the girls would tell she loves stars and started counting them – in movies or local novels

The thing is, can we really count stars? Well, perhaps the question wasn’t quite accurate. Of course we could try to count stars. But could we really finish counting stars anyway? If you’re not sure about the answer then, let’s do the calculation together with me =)

Let’s say you could count approximately 3 stars within 1 second, which would be 180 stars in 1 minute and thus make 10800 stars in 1 hour. How long could you keep this up? Let’s assume you count stars for 3 hours a night, so that gives you 32400 stars a night, 226800 stars a week, 907200 stars a month and 10886400 stars a year. Another assumption, of you would start counting stars at the age of 5 till your age 60; 55 years. You had counted approximately 60x10^7. Think you’ve counted enough?

Just so you know, astronomers estimated that there are at least 70x10^22 stars in the observable universe! Subhanallah.

So clearly that’s nowhere near enough. Want to try again? Let’s be more lenient this time around. We could clearly see stars at estimation of 8pm till 6am here in West Malaysia when the sky is clear. That is a total of 10 hours. Say you can live for 100 years. Without a miss, allow me to do the calculation….
That would cost you 40x10^8; still nothing near finish counting eh?
Counting stars as a hobby is a little too unbearable.

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