surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Journey to AIMST #3 - let's mingle around -

7th April 2012

The Medical Students Convention officially started. As we were informed last night during the briefing, we'll be divided into groups. There were a total of 13 people in mine and remembering names were the hardest.

They say the beginning is always is always the hardest. I agreed with this since forever. We were a bit awkward at first, yes. But i was so grateful i had Tsu Min in my group! I met Tsu Min during the recent intermedical debate in UM and she's from UPM. At least we had no problem to start a conversation.

For morning session, we had 2 slots. Both were given by Jonathan Quek. A millionaire i presumed, and he's not even 30!

Now you can guess, the talk of course it revolved around entrepreneurship and investment. He talked about how we can make money and be rich. Overall it was a good slot, but as someone who is too concentrated to medical field, i would think twice to do whatever that he suggested. I bet all medical students would agree; we're still struggling and getting bruised all over trying to get the best grades, i don't think we have time for such commitment.

Other than that, talking about making money, investment, loans or anything. With all these conventional banking system,  it's kinda hard for us Muslims to get rid of riba' and any trace of gambling. My advice, if you're not sure with it go and ask the experts, if you're not clear with any hukum, refer to the trusted source. We need to keep anything that we're involved in clean from any form of syubhah and haram.

Back to mingle around!

As expected, we are the minority. Most of the delegates (they called it delegates instead of participants, sounds so exclusive) are non Malay. So what language do you think dominated the atmosphere? No need to think much, it's English.

English is just a language, some of you might say. These people are all Malaysians and of course they understand Malay language. So you'll take English as an option and not your prior medium. But let me tell you, if you were in my shoes and choose not to speak English, you might feel a little bit (if not a lot) intimidated.

Now my personal opinion, we don't just need English to keep up with the non Malays. For god sake, we don't need to speak English just to let them know that a Malay too can speak English. But because of the races and religions difference, i think by making the language medium different too it's gonna leave everyone a hard time to find similarity with one another.

English. Important or not important. You decide. I vote for 'english is very important!'

Coming up next is preliminary round for sherlock sessions and visit to the clinical skills labs.

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