surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Journey to AIMST #2 - the precaution -

I've never been so close with anyone from different races and religions since more than 10 years ago. My best friend when i was little was a Chinese and we stopped contacting each other when i transferred (i was 9, it was the time when even mum and dad didn't own cell phones, let alone facebook)

Ever since, i grew up in a pretty much purely 'malay' environment. Though i did joined any other events and tournaments and do mingle around with everyone, but to the extent of sharing room, that has never happened before.

But surprisingly, they're actually very sweet. Apart of they initially walked into the room with their shoes on (we settled that properly), the rest was ok. They're so friendly!

And actually i've got this a lot, everybody in the room said i looked pretty much like a Chinese girl myself. And sure i need to thank Allah for that, at least it won't take me too long to adapt along with them (except that i don't speak Chinese).

Since foods will only be provided starting Saturday, 7th April then we have no choice but to buy ourselves dinner. That Friday night after maghrib, we headed to the cafeteria (they called it students gallery).

The precaution? Well maybe most of you aren't very well informed that AIMST has Indian students as the majority. We passed the food counter one by one wondering what should we eat. And the most important question is 'are all these foods halal?'

I don't know when, but my friend Mujahid had went and asked them bout the foods. They said all the foods are prepared by Muslim Indians and only 2 are not. And they strictly do not allow pork and beef into the kitchen (you know for what reason).

Right. Then 3 of us ended up with instant noodles bought at the convenient shop, few of us ended up with burger, one ordered fried noodle, and the rest ate roti canai.

So much precaution on our first night there.

We'll see how did it goes for meals on the  next days. Till then, please anticipate.

ps: not to mention the difficulties we had to get our qiblah right in the room. but alhamdulillah everything was ok.

students gallery. double storey. huge and cool.

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