surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Monday, November 15, 2010

The 99th post

While other bloggers are busy getting all ready and prepared to post a special entry for their so-called historical 100th post, I on the other hand prefer the 99th post. Is it just me or the number 99 really seems cuter? Like one of my blogger friends aka my junior back in school (though we’ve never met for I graduated before he came in), even ‘bribed’ a friend of his for a KFC set to help posting something related to the 100th post.

But nah~ I don’t need that. Now that I’m in my 99th post, like I promised previously I’m going to write about someone special. Anticipating enough?

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I present to you

Ok fine, this is someTWO special, not one lol.

Just nice after I posted something about my experience on HKSBP, FYI people these two fella were my forever debate colleagues back in school. And after 3 years of not hanging out together, yesterday we did!

Syaza Ismail. Diploma holder of Corporate Communication, KLIUC. Currently having her 6 months holidays before persuing to bachelor. Being a student ambassador for the recent GMUN (Global Model United Nation), she suits the corporate world best. And when you’re with her, you don’t trigger her to speak or else you’ll end up listening all day long (sorry Jaja lol)

Alert! Talking-freak aboard!

Sabiq Jalal. Currently doing Medicine in IMU after his A-level. Going to fly off to somewhere not yet known (he said it’s all depend on his final results and JPA) after 2 and a half years. For someone who was always scored perfect straight A’s and always got the lead of 1st rank back in school, Sabiq I believe you’ll do just fine =)

I love it when we’re together, flashing back the old days that’s just so nostalgic. Talking bout the old days, since I’m already on it let me just disclose one or two things.

We the English Debate Team wasn’t a popularly abundant members club. There were too few of us that we even formed a family.

Our beloved and cool trainer, Sir Azlan aka the papa

Jaja the 3rd speaker aka the mummy

Sabiq the 1st speaker aka the along

Zwen the 2nd speaker aka the kak ngah. (Uh this is my blog, you don't need any more pics of me)

Shafiq the apprentice aka the adek. FYI next to Shafiq is Shafiqah. They used to be the most adorable twin of SMSSI until Shafiq moved out and currently studying in SAMURA (Science Muar Academy), younger than me by 3 years, but Shafiqah joined the Malay Debate Team.

Now here’s the surprising part. What if I say I have a twin? Yes, I Zawani Zainudin has a twin brother back in school. Warning, don’t look at the pic if you can’t handle it.

That is Fauzan the apprentice aka the twin brother of kak ngah lol. He’s my junior by 2 years. We look even more alike in person. And so the people back in school always said

‘Fauzan is the male version of Zawani’


‘Zawani is the female version of Fauzan’

Shut up! Whatever guys. The most unforgettable memory when we were practicing debate (as highlighted by Jaja yesterday) was the night before departure to the event. We’ll have the teacher’s room all by ourselves, surfing the net and preparing, on the air-cond to the max, conquering one corner each and start talking to the wall! Lol. This is the only way we could practice alone.

Back to me, Jaja and Sabiq, Let’s check out what book are we currently reading

As I quote Sabiq said ‘Don’t judge a book by its title ok. This is not a literature novel, it’s thriller’

Since Jaja’s going to have a long holiday, she decided to go for Japanese. Yay! Quick learn Jaja dear, so we can converse with each other and left Sabiq even more lost than just us talking bout Jpop and dramas lol.

I decided to go for mystery, myth and epic. Romance makes me wanna puke lately.

So there, a long post on someTWO special.

Ps: I don’t intend to make my 100th post on anything special. Actually there are a lot of things lining up to be posted =). But feel free to shout on my chatbox if you have any request. Not that I’m going to make it come true without a fail, but yeah just let me know any.


Tasniim AHY said...

sweet sgt~~ ;D

^Laila^ said...

huhu.. ade la iras jugak wani dgn ur junior tu.. =p yeah2.. korg mmg mcm family btul~ ^^

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