surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The bloody business

I thought maybe I should write something about Obstetrics & Gynecology (day 2) and hopefully I could compare how it really is after the end of posting exam in another 8 weeks time. Who knows what I think/feel right now might change or whatever I expect might never really go beyond as days passed.

The bloody business, at least that was what Prof Shamsir described obstetrics as. Nah I haven’t witnessed any live deliveries just yet. Perhaps soon. This week is scheduled with lectures along the way which aren’t that bad actually. Days in the ward made you appreciate lectures. True enough.

It’s O&G rotation week 1. Day 2. A few lecture topics covered. My impression? O&G can’t be that stressful (judging by the material inputs). Surprisingly I didn’t feel as burdened as my first week of Internal Medicine 2 months ago (at least for now) and this confuses me. So I had it jotted in my head.

1.      Maybe because O&G has less topics to be covered that Medicine
2.      Maybe because I really am interested in the subject
3.      Maybe because it’s just lectures, still to early to feel that stress vibe (not that I wanted to anyway)
4.      Maybe because being carefree that I am, I’m a little late at sensing the pressure compare to my other colleagues
5.      Maybe because the subject is easy

Or maybe none of the above.

Honestly speaking I always wanted this to be the rotation I favorite the most. I imagined myself being an O&G specialist a lot! But I wonder if interest alone can change my studying attitude. Maybe it’s time to start taking Medicine seriously.

Bunga biru? Kaitan?
Ps: And oh our requirement includes conducting 15 baby deliveries. Exciting?
Pss: Actually number 4 is my favorite.

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aiman_masri said...

good luck and all the best. saya suka kebanyakan specialist ONG. Sangat keibuan.

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