surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Cool

Isn't it nice to have the room all to yourself, lying down on bed, ears plugged, with a paper and a pen in hand, writing. Classic. Except that I'm typing on the keyboard, nevertheless I'm still writing.

Pleasant Sunday.

I'm scheduled to go to the OT (Operation Theatre) tomorrow. Observing of course. Need to make my way to the hospital later to check out what cases are up for operation tomorrow. Do some readings.

It's the end of 1st week of my surgical posting. As always and expected, who wouldn't go blurry on first week? Let alone the first day. Those first time moments.

First time following ward rounds
First time seeing all sort of procedures
First time doing attachment at Klinik Pakar
First time entering OT
First time doing PE (Physical Examination) on real patients
First time attending scope clinic

Seniors and friends kept the advice coming. Motivating, encouraging, sharing. Thanks. It helps a lot. By the end of week one I'm pretty positive I'm getting better at squeezing myself in between people during ward rounds.

One specialist, 3 MOs, 4 HOs, 3 MSs. At least. Checking out one bed to another.

My skill on slipping into the cubicle curtains every time the doctors want to do PE or procedures on patients has also improved. It's not that they'll chase us out anyway. But yeah, muka memang kena tebal.

I'm still trying to grab the art of history taking and case presenting. I'm still trying to appreciate the abnormalities upon performing PE. These HOs they presented it all at one go, blurting all the vital infos without second thought. I feel stupid for a while. With all the medical terms and abbreviation. Then I realised all these whiles, I only speak English not Medical.

There are a lot that I need to catch up with, a lot I need to learn, a lot I need to improve.

Do I sound stressful? Nah I'm not. Maybe just a little bit, but I'm cool though.

I'm cool. Thanks.

Yusahhil lana, ya Allah.

As much as patients are afraid of needle. We are too.


TasniimAHY said...

yeah! May Allah ease! :) hehe.

chacha said...

thats normal for a beginner.. kita dulu lagilaaaaa. hewhewhew.. things will get better in time.. kalau nak patients banyak free n x berebut2 jumla mai Ipoh! heeee..

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