surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Believe

Let's just have a quick update.

8 Feb - started second semester for 3rd year
11 Feb - 2nd wedding of the batch; Ismail and Azhani
11 Feb-14 Feb - attended The Royals debate in USM
18 & 19 Feb - attended Konvensyen Fiqh Ummah at PWTC
20 Feb - launching for FPSK English week
21 Feb - adjudicating intrafaculty debate
22 Feb - attended Productive Muslim Talk in Main Campus, Nila
23 Feb - not adjudicating final round for intrafaculty debate (bad fever)
25 Feb - attended intermedical school debate (still fever+sore throat+flu)
28 Feb - adjudicating 1st session of public speaking for english week
1 March - adjudicating 2nd session of public speaking for english week
2-4 March - 3rd year OPKIM (operasi khidmat masyarakat) in Terengganu
5 March - closing ceremony for english week
17 & 18 March - Medical Career & A Doctor's Life Carnival organized by Medical Student Club

Let's stop the list for now.

Adapting a life as a medical student, nobody says it's gonna be easy. To balance books and other activities, I'm still an amateur. But to look at it in a positive side, it depends on how we look at it. If we approached 'em as problems, then problems they will be. If we approached 'em as something fun, then fun things they will be.

I believe Allah is always by my side and Allah without fail will help me going thru everything.

new tagline

let's become a productive Muslim!

ps: now i kinda understand why the Quack's World admin was on hiatus during his 3rd year


Najmee said...


Last time I asked a 'should-be-a-doctor' (SBAD).
'How was your life as a medical
student during that time? (It was
around the 70s or 80s, somewhere around that time).

She said, during that time, they,
the medical students, don't even have
ANY programs during the weekend conducted by their communities.
(well weekdays activities will
be even impossible right?).

Then I was like, 'Seriously?'.

She replied, 'Yes, at that time, the
only thing that medical students know, is, reading books'.

They don't even have any sports activities, debate,
quizzes here and there, let alone English week
or 'Whatever week you can think of'.

That kind of answer left me wondering, are we better
than them because we are much more active than they were,
or are we worst than them, cause we read less than they did.

Your say?

Zawani Zainudin said...

For argument sake let's make words like 'proud of myself' or 'I am better than others' not exist for a while.

Come to look at it, I think we're luckier these days, being given an opportunity not just serving Allah and this Deen by studying, but also by involving and taking part in other activities.

As in who reads more books, we know that reading a lot does not literally equal to becoming a good doctor. But of course undeniable reading and studying is the best theme to describe our medical life and effort.

That's what I think.

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