surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

EnGLiSH GetAwAy FeeDBacK

As someone who personally loves English so much, of course I can’t wait for the program initially and even after arriving. To say generally, it was a job well done for everyone; the organizer, lecturers in charge, staffs, facilitators, and all my classmates. Honestly what I have in mind was that, everyone is actually able to speak English and some of us are really good. I’ve been mingling around these friends of mine (all 56 of them) for more than 7 months now, and only during the English Getaway that I managed to realize everybody’s English are good in the average. The main reason why as we can see is because the rule is to speak fully in English, so whether we like it or not we’ve to follow. From my observation, even though the first 2 hours were a bit awkward but we didn’t take longer time to get ourselves used to the rule. It was fun to have such an English environment even in the dormitories, cafeteria, in the wash room, while playing at the beach and while conducting other indoor and outdoor games. I believe this only happened because each and every one of us was given such ‘chance’ to fully speaking in English. To be compared if we are in classes and normal daily routines, even if there will be a few fellow who are so enthusiastic to use English but because of the majority unintentional inhibition, we still can’t have a nice English environment which I think is unfair for the minority fellow who wishes so much to improve their English. Whether it is because of mentality or personality is another thing.

The activities that we had were so interesting and to be truth, the sand castle building part, it was my first time doing it. Thinking about building a sand castle along with my so-called adult friends at the age of 20 and won it, I’d fall on the floor laughing. Indoor activities were well-planned. I’m lying if I’m not amused by these people’s style. Again during the useful item slot, I was so surprised when most of my friends were actually very good in debating; presenting points, elaborating creatively, convincing people and provoking. After seeing this I had bear in mind to be more careful to talk to them the next time LOL. The idea of holding every activity untold until the end of another is actually the best rather than distributing the tentative. One is because we’ll be extra eager to know what the next activity is and second is because I especially will be down if any of the activities planned can’t be carried out due to short of time. If I were to find flaws of this Getaway, I can’t think of any major one, or precisely I can’t find any flaw at all. Maybe because I love English so much that just enjoying it is enough for me.

At the end of the Getaway, I can see in people’s faces how they are actually surprised themselves to know their own English ability is not that bad. Right after the closing ceremony, while we were having lunch together and while packing our stuff in the dormitories, of course there will be no more marks deducted for speaking Malay, it was just after 2 days building the English environment it is such a waste to speak in Malay and it feels kind of awkward too. And even now I still can hear my friends speaking in English during free times. I have to say the spirit is still there and I hope I will always be there.

p/s: fyi this English Getaway was held in Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi in Tanjung Bidara Melaka. Got no idea to update my blog so simply post this, hopefully my fella out there ada la sket idea camne nak wat feedback ni. hehe. btw i'm doin this back in Glenview Villa when the whole of Glenview apartment and all part of Kg Cheras Baru was in a blackout!


syassakii said...

it's good to know that you enjoyed it. well, let's courage each other into using english in our daily lives. next time would be your chance to be the facilitator. ^_^

GuGu said...

wt tyme black out??? huhu
kter tga golek2 kt beranda tyme ni kepanasan. haha

miss zwen said...

haha.. ade la dlm kul 10 lbh. naseb baek rmh kami xde beranda. klw x dah lme bantai golek gak =p

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