surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Euthanasia, entry #2

When I was in school, her classmates came to me and said
'we were packing all her books and stuff in the classroom and we found 3 letters; one to her parents, one to her sister, this is another one with unknown receiver. So we decided to read it out loud to the class'

It was the letter she wrote the night before she was leaving for home, to prepare for interview that weekend. The girls handed me the letter, and I read it quietly

music room, 10:07pm, 110711

In the name of Allah, the one who knows everything

Will try make this short. Don't worry. Tak nak take your time. Buat benda lain would be much better rather than layan aku. -.-'

These TWO/THREE days, I was lost. Down? Err, macam tak. I guess it's more on findin the tranquility, kot. For who I am. Tryin to take all the hardships in positive ways.

Now I know what my problems are. But first let me tell you this. The main reason why I did behave like -.-' was, I was far from Him. In the middle of fixing the relationship between a servant and her God.

Next, somehow I feel like I'm burdenin people -.-' haih. Kesian mereka. Terasa diri membawa alamat buruk. Aku jenis cepat terasa -..-
Susah ouh. Tapi takpelah. R e d h a.

Kau take care. Study biar smart and niat lillah and jihad fillah.
Stay up? Tak payah. It's not good for your health. Baik bangun qiam. Hmm. Kan? Good luck.

If aku more likely disappearin, sorry -.-' I mean in future...

Oklah. Filling to burst myself.
May Allah bless you
Assalamualaikum w.b.t

"Cukuplah Allah bagiku. Cukuplah mati sebagai guruku"

A letter from a 17 year-old girl.
A letter from my late little sister.

Leaving behind families and friends, she was a great comrade. Everyone in school, teachers and students, all your friends across boarding schools who knew you from tournaments, we all pray for you dear.

Rest in peace, baby


Najmee said...

You got me there.
Reading these 2 parts of your posts,
really made me about to burst.

But I'm not crying. We the Martians
call it 'Manly tears'.

Anyhow, what an experience for you,
to actually knows the feeling of
losing someone that was close to you
at such young age.

HE has a better planning for you and her.

(OFF topic; so you're actually saying that you're against
euthanasia or what?)

Zawani Zainudin said...

Since euthanasia itself is wide, for such voluntary euthanasia (with patients/heir consent) and passive euthanasia (e.g: removing respiratory aid/stop intake of regular medication) I am not against it, especially in the case of brain death where people around can’t do much. Unless if it is without or against the patient/family consent, plus if it is an active one (e.g: intravenous lethal substances)perhaps that’s quite too much.

Najmee said...

Ok then, can't agree more
with your opinion. So true.

Even in Islam, the only allowed
euthanasia is if only the patient
is clarified 'brain death'
(Anyway, a living human is defined
as those who still has brain activities, so IMO a brain death patient is practically dead), and it has to be done only by mean of the passive type.

(Well, you got it right. Why not,
Islam is such a practical religion,
if one can use their mind righteously, for sure they can see
the beauty of Islam).

Sorry for the long post.

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